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A likable college psychology student is tested daily with his roomies, one in friendship, and the other on patience as a third wheel freeloader. A contemporary life effort in the psychological, even pathological, and pretty typical day of students who make this school of no fools and broken rules.


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Watch Up on High Ground season 1 episode 9 (S01E09)

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Savannah and Erin's cooperative class project for Mrs. Hialeah becomes the talk of the school and even has the Principal discussing and Mr. Neil watching from afar. Sydney surprised as ever to see her best friend Savannah finally make peace with her class rival in the auditorium, is moved by the moment, and takes a risk herself with Landon. With the ongoing feud now mutually over between Erin and Savannah, Thea tries to overshadow it by bringing Erin in on what she thinks is inside info on Sydney and Landon's age difference relationship. Erin has clearly grown beyond the underclassmen style of gossip and walks out on Thea with her older sister by her side. Bogroe is busted by blabbing neighbors revealing the truth of his money making and is literally foot chased by his roommates.

Watch Up on High Ground season 1 episode 8 (S01E08)

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When the results at the hospital appear seemingly glum, Jaris trusts in her faith and believes its a blessing in disguise. Recent family tragedies trigger traumatic experiences and even some meaningful dreams of past memories for Hayley. The Sundin's lean on support from Dillon and the Annie's Hope/Bereavement Center for their grief. Savannah and Erin move closer to making amends with their fractured relationship. Jake makes a heartfelt move to solidify his relationship with Sydney. Griffin proclaims his love for Erin, knowing she is leaving for acting school in Ireland for the upcoming summer. Suspicion of Borgoe's secret side life become more evident when Landon texts Brody to come over and discuss posted pictures with their freeloading roommate.

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East Valley's Show Choir competes on the road in the state competition at the St.Louis city-line high-school stage. Bogroe officially introduces his girlfriend Gem, who cooks a masterpiece of food and charm. With Borgoe gone more, Dillon and Landon begin to wonder about a possible money making mystery when Bogroe is smiling, mocking, and sure of himself when asked about applying to the 10 jobs a week. Bogroe applies for jobs under Landon’s ultimatum. However, Landon and Dillon are even more suspicious when they ask neighbor Brody if he knows something they don't about Bogroe latest act. Savannah and Erin endure their required school project together. Mr. Neil's covering for Mr.Stu's accused class wrongdoings are brought to the forefront by Hialeah who believes he's interfering with an upcoming school board hearing about his best friends recent dismissal from teaching duties. Jaris, surrounded by family and friends goes into what seems to be a complicated and painful labor early while at home.

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Kaidence meets Jaris at home for the first time and the two quickly become friends. Erin and Griffin quickly become a couple of forevers. Bogroe is caught by the nosy neighbors on his way out to a money making side gig. Catcalls and bribery from Hayley force his hand to the coercion of cash to keep his secret gig an unknown to Dillon and Landon. A show-choir competition before the state finals reveals Ellie is giving Ms.Fritz pointers from her previous championship year before transferring. The group show-choir competition between East Valley Academy and Mount Vernon High-school appear flawlessly performed with the cliffhanger results left to be read by Principal Guidry.

Watch Up on High Ground season 1 episode 5 (S01E05)

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Landon cracks down on Bogroe's laziness. Erin gets accepted to a prestigious acting school in Ireland, to the dismay of Savannah, who's already devastated from being cheated on by Shane. Kaidence reaches out to comfort Savannah, one on one, as well as Khalil, who is bummed about the results of the show choir. The teens involved in the schools madrigal show choir, ie. Savannah, begin to encounter moral and ethical dilemmas in the high school setting. Confident and armed with sheet music, Savannah in a change of heart, in what seems to be a good gesture, tells the show choir teacher, Fritz, she wants to sing a solo lead. Particularly boasting of her vocal talents, she takes Hialeah's advice giving the solo to her best friend Sydney in the first show choir performance. Londyn tries to build herself up in front her and her sister Berlin's friends by charging off in a blaze of glory with her ex-boyfriend, then demanding her sister lie to their parents about her whereabouts.

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Singled out by Mrs. Hialeah and standing front and center in class as do not do examples, the school's most popular girl and smartest girl have gone too far in their obvious hate for each other. Mrs. Hialeah's philosophy of student discipline goes too far in they eyes of Avril, Erin's mom, as she makes an in school visit to confront the teacher and Principal Guidry. Meanwhile Savanna's best friend Sydney and Ellise (Ellie) meet on her behalf with Londyn to discuss who the highly sought after guy Shane considers his girlfriend. Meanwhile Bogroe successfully sets up Landon on a blind date to entice him to leave his current girlfriend Tara so he can have her. Unbeknownst to Landon this blind date, Vanessa, Bogroe's former high school Ex, is in on the fun with Bogroe. Tara questions Landon's unusual behavior when she suspects something is going on.

Watch Up on High Ground season 1 episode 3 (S01E03)

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Upon overhearing a music class side conversation about a new show choir, Miri, Erin's best friend, tracks down Savannah to get the details for her and Erin to gain an edge on an early scoop about the audition. Nervous butterflies and insults ensue as many of the girls wait for their turn to go on the audition stage while guys and teachers look on with an official state judge. A multi-talented group of girls display dancing, solo songs, and a piano piece for the ages that are colorfully displayed in this East Valley academy audition where the results are left as a cliffhanger. Finding it difficult to deal with family tragedies, Khalil, Griffin's best friend, slits his writs in front of the class and passes out.

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Jaris, an Early 30's pregnant supermom, and widow neighbor to Dillon and roommates, is grateful towards the ongoing "love thy neighbor as thyself" stewardship he provides. After receiving a phone call that Dillon is driving her son Griffin home instead of letting him ride the bus due to his sickness, Dillon takes it a step further to invite the family, not just Griffin over to watch old pro basketball videos of Griffin's deceased father and Jaris' husband. Dillon and Griffin are noticeably not present when Jaris, her daughters Haley and Roxy arrive to a couch crashing new roommate in the living room. While waiting for Dillon and Griffin to bring over snacks to cater to everyone an argument ensues between mother Jaris and daughter Hayley over paying for a prom limo and dress. Savannah and Shane as a couple have high points and rather questionable two-timing moment when Shane is seen with his Ex, Londyn, on what appears to be a date.

Watch Up on High Ground season 1 episode 1 (S01E01)

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Two college student roommates, interning at a local St. Louis High school are introduced as counselors observing different aspects of the class. Dillon, with the aid of longtime tenured teacher Neil Rowley, observes differences in clashing personalities between students Erin, the drama department class president, and Savannah the most popular student. With a quick glimpse of each and every student seriously fixed on the front of the class Mrs. Hialeah sets the tone with an emotionally driven statement to succeed. A former high school roommate of the two college students crashes on their couch as TEMPORARY placement. When Landon reluctantly challenges Bogroe to prove he is more responsible than in the past while in school, Bogroe takes exception and makes his couch proclamation.

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